Natural Resources

Natural Resource Leases

Over its years of timber and cypress logging, Rathborne amassed a very large land portfolio. Today, the company owns approximately 45,000 acres of land in a seven parish area. A large portion of these lands are cypress swamps, rich in natural resources, including oil, natural gas, and renewable resources.

Rathborne frequently leases these lands for drilling exploration, pipeline rights-of-way, and similar uses. Detailed descriptions of properties available for exploration can be obtained by contacting Rathborne Vice President Gregory C. Lier at (504) 368-6355 or by e-mail.

Hunting and Fishing Leases

In southeast Louisiana, hunting, trapping and fishing are time-honored occupations for many residents. Rathborne plays a role in this unique part of Louisiana life by leasing portions of its bountiful natural landscape to many families for hunting, fishing, and trapping, and for rights to alligator skins and eggs.

Many of these lease rights have been held within generations of families for over a century. Crawfish and alligator farms also operate on Rathborne lands.