About Us

Rathborne’s roots go back to 1889, when Joseph Rathborne moved to New Orleans and founded the Louisiana Cypress Lumber Company on a site bordered by the Mississippi River and what would become the Harvey Canal.

While the cypress lumber business would eventually fade away, Rathborne would not. Today, Rathborne Properties owns nearly 100 commercial, retail and industrial properties. The company’s holdings include Rathborne Business Park, the premier business park on the West Bank of New Orleans, as well as a wide range of properties from Harvey to Baton Rouge.

Rathborne continues to search for new investment opportunities. The company has added significant retail centers in New Orleans and Baton Rouge to its portfolio in recent years, as well as warehouse properties and unique land parcels. The company recently broke ground on a new building in Rathborne Park for Intertek, a global testing company.

The company has also become a major developer of residential communities, including Willowridge Estates, Primrose Estates, and Lakewood Ridge. Today, Ashton Plantation in Luling is the company’s flagship residential development and a model of residential master planning.


Rathborne offers a wide variety of properties for sale or lease through-out the New Orleans area.

Natural Resources

Rathborne frequently leases land for drilling exploration, pipeline rights-of-way, and similar uses.